Book Cover


AIGA Flux 2020Honorable Mention, Publication Category

Graphis New Talent Annual 2020
Gold Award, Publication Category


This cover is based on Ocean’s Eleven, a comedy-heist film about a group of conmen who rob three casinos for revenge.

All creative direction and execution were self-directed.


The film has a central theme of many odd people all coming together to pull off something impossible. I wanted to reflect this on the cover by creating one seamless layout using many different props relating to casinos and gambling. 


This project was particularly challenging, as it happened during the beginning of the pandemic. Since Penn State sent all of its students home, I had no access to our normal photo studio or workplace. I had to find and set up the props that would successfully create a cohesive message. In addition, I had to stand above the folded poker table and shoot the photos in my living room to get the correct layout shot. It was definitely an interesting (and learning) experience!

Behind the Scenes