Promotional Materials
Launch Event


Aeva Roth - Designer
Jane Yun - Designer
William Ren - Designer
Cheyenne Barrow - Programmer


MSU Glitch 2023 Honorable Mention, Interactive Category


In many art forms, depicting other cultures and ethnicities can be difficult. Not having enough information and misunderstanding other cultures often leads to stereotyping and cultural appropriation. Synthesis is a media platform where artists from different backgrounds worldwide can come together to learn, share, and embrace other cultures through their art. Designed to be a safe, welcoming environment, Synthesis gives artists a platform to inform other artists of the different aspects and potentially unknown elements of their culture.

See the full case study here.


The platform is designed to be available on both web and mobile. In addition, a launch event was created to be held at multiple art galleries across the world showing off featured artists from the app. Promotional materials were designed for both the platform and the launch event.

Launch Events

The galleries were chosen for their location in diverse, highly-populated cities known for their art. (All buildings in the photos are real galleries in each city, created in Blender based on existing blueprints.) The events included original artwork from artists on the site, as well as an interactive wall where visitors could express what they love about their culture.

Behind the Scenes

See the full case study here.