Rachel Smith


Rachel Smith


Evanisko Poster Series

a series of Surrealist posters displayed in the Penn State Library

Nov-Dec 2021
Art Direction, Poster Design, Photography
Partner: Taylor Gunnells
Model: Kemper Young

Displayed at the Penn State Library, made possible by the Evanisko Grant

Three posters, additional photographs

What is it?

For the Evanisko Library Grant, we designed artistic posters for the visitors of a space within the Pattee and Paterno Library based around the idea of “resilience.” For this project, Taylor Gunnells and I were tasked to create content for the space: a series of surreal, digital posters with the theme “Send Big Waves.”


After brainstorming with the prompt, we decided that using an overlooked meaning of waves: wavelengths. After considering the surreal and odd aspects surrounding wavelengths and frequencies, we landed on the idea of ghost-hunting. A man is hunting for ghosts; however, he himself may be the ghost at work. The surreal elements come from the ghostly-green items in the photos, the use of the model in the picture frames, and the ghostly arms.

The Setup

After deciding on the layout of the posters, the set and props had to be created! This included the writing on the mirror and the wire typography. All items were either thrifted from local stores or our personal possessions.


In addition, we were able to take several photographs of just the props and set, as additional deliverables for future project development.

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