Rachel Smith


Rachel Smith


Scoob Magazine

a high fashion magazine based on the TV show Scooby Doo

Oct–Nov 2021
Art Direction, Layout Design, Fashion Design, Photography

Model: Kiera James
Fashion Magazine, Social Media Trailer

What is it?

Scoob Magazine is based loosely on the animated cartoon Scooby-Doo Where Are You! I drew inspiration from the 60s and 70s era the cartoon was set in. All elements were created and designed by me, including outfits, photography, typography, a letter mark, layout, and physical craft.

Mood Board

In addition to traditional research, I crafted a physical mood board to show the inspiration behind the magazine and the story I planned to tell.  A descendant of Daphne Blake, from Mystery Incorporated, is moving into an old, abandoned mansion. Sure, it may be a little worn down, but that isn’t stopping our heroine. She has one mission: to open a detective agency just like Mystery Inc!  

The physical mood board includes several nods to the original cartoon, as well as displaying the typography, patterns, and props I wanted to use while making the magazine.

The Fashion

After preliminary research into the source material, I wanted the magazine to have a healthy balance between spooky and fun, like the original cartoon. The model’s look was based on the extravagant fashion in the late 60s and early 70s. Silhouettes and patterns from this era were used in each outfit. In addition, the model’s hair and makeup were inspired by glamorous looks from the 70s. A warm color palette of oranges, browns, and yellows was used, with additional pops of purple and blue.

Set and Props

Keeping with the theme, the set was meant to mimic the warm tones of the 70s, while also looking like an abandoned mansion. This old and abandoned look made the magazine lean into the “spooky” aspects of the original cartoon. All set design was created and set up by me, using found props and backdrops.


I also had the opportunity to create a short trailer video, using footage from the photo shoots and additional locations.


Finally, after spreads were laid out and designed, I printed them out and crafted the magazine. This took quite a bit of precision and time.

Creating this magazine from scratch gave me a chance to take part in all aspects of the design, including understanding the creation process of both photo shoots and editorial design. Directing the model was also an important learning experience.

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